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One platform for all

your training needs

Whether you are looking to train your newly hired

employees, brush up sales skills of your existing workforce,

or refresh compliance knowledge with Iapps you can cater

to all these needs from one platform.

Multiple training in
one platform



Do you want to leave a good impression on newly hired employees and get them up-to-speed effectively and quickly? If the answer is YES, Iapps has got you covered. We will help you deliver structured and tailored onboarding processes for employees and make them successful from day one with our customized onboarding training.

Customized Content

Align onboarding training program with organizational objectives via Iapps customization features

Tailor your onboarding training program by departments, facilities, and branches in your organization for effective induction.

Let go off one-size fit all approach by categorizing the employees into groups and branches

It provides you with the ability to standardize training across all learners sitting in different offices, plants, countries and time zones.

Use your existing collateral or build content from scratch using our pre-built templates. With Iapps you can combine text, video, images, and audio files in your online courses, which makes onboarding fun for your employees.

Cost-Efficient & Scalable

Delivering onboarding training online saves valuable time and costs. A digitized training session saves the cost incurred on renting a space, travel expenses and time of managers spent away from their jobs

Iapps allows you to create engaging courses and interactive quizzes in a fraction of time and costs. All the learning material can be updated without any additional cost.

Let go off one-size fit all approach by categorizing the employees into groups and branches

It provides you with the ability to standardize training across all learners sitting in different offices, plants, countries and time zones.

Be it a group of 5 employees or 500 employees, Iapps enables you to effectively introduce them to the culture of your organization.

Actionable Insights

First impression is the last impression with Iapps real-time data on employee’s progress you will be in control to make a remarkable first impression.

By incorporating gamification via interactive quizzes you will get real-time progress and knowledge status of the employees allowing you to target the weak areas and re-train them

You can see when an employee has started an activity and how much progress he or she has made in it. With this in-depth view of the results of your training, you can easily identify pain points and improve your onboarding process even more
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Sales Training

From prospecting and opportunity management to consultative selling, negotiation, account development, and sales management arm your sales team with all the skills using just one platform-Iapps. Better sales figures begin with better salespeople and Iapps provides you with perfect tools to do this.

On-the-go Training

Sales professionals usually have a fixed schedule and finding time to learn can be a bit challenging. Iapps provides flexibility to salesforce to access the training from anywhere and around the clock.

The sales staff needs to remember a plethora of information having access to training material online and offline allows for quick revision and better retention

The product information, sales pitch and other sales collateral are updated quite often. Iapps allows you to seamless update content quickly and continuously and notifies the salesforce in real-time

Upskilling employees

Investing and continuously training your salesforce helps you in not only having a skilled salesforce but also loyal. A properly trained sales rep is less likely to leave an organization thus lowering the turnover rate

Iapps allows you to create engaging courses and interactive quizzes in a fraction of time and costs. All the learning material can be updated without any additional cost.

Iapps allows you to equip your managers and supervisors with the skills they need to plan, direct and motivate their sales teams. This leads to the sales teams becoming equipped with the necessary tools to increase the leads

Iapps allows you to prepare your salesforce for the future by increasing their knowledge of the product and mastering the art of selling via continuous personalized learning

Gamified Experience

From leaderboards to points and levels, Iapps makes learning competitive and fun for the whole sales team

The salesforce can either play solo or challenge their colleagues to a friendly match.

This helps to create a healthy competitive environment and foster social collaboration.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Iapps provides you with real-time stats to monitor your learners’ progress and highlight the sales superheroes within the department and across offices.
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Whether you’re enforcing industry regulations, local or federal laws, or workplace policies a learning partner like Iapps will help you in achieving all your compliance goals. Iapps supports you by allowing your employees to take training programs online, allowing you to reduce costs significantly, meet the legal requirements faster, keep the courses up-to-date, and increase employee engagement.

Extension of your Organization

Compliance is an extension of your organization’s code of ethics so presenting it in an organization branded app will reap fruitful results. Iapps white labelling solutions allow you to create a learning platform that acts as an extension to your organization.

With Iapps you will be able to create your own workpspace, have the company’s logo, branded app (iOs & Android), custom domain and multiple languages will increase the acceptance level of training and strengthen employees’ bond with the organization.

Create learning content, matching the look and feel of your organization.

Secure training anywhere

All information present on Iapps is safe and secure and can be guarded by a single sign-on solution

You have full control on your learning material, courses on the platform can be accessed by only those who you provide access to

Our software is GDPR compliant ensuring that your data is safeguarded responsibly

Learner Centric

Iapps integrates into your employees’ flow of work making training modules a seamless addition to a company’s learning culture

The employees have different roles and duties and thus compliance training needs fit their needs. Iapps allows you to adapt compliance training by department, locations or lines of business.

Employees can start, stop and review their training when they want, at the pace they want and from where they want.
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Content & Training

Every organization is unique and has its own customized L&D path. Iapps captures this uniqueness perfectly by allowing organizations to create, manage and distribute the training material as they prefer. The mode of training can also be adjusted as per the needs of learners.

Bespoke Learning Content

With powerful authoring tools and pre-built templates organization can create interactive courses quickly

Assign courses to employees using branches and groups division via a single click

Develop standalone courses or series of courses that take employees through a sequence of learning

Multiple Formats

Iapps supports all format of documents, be it a PowerPoint, PDF, video or an audio clip all of your learning material will be up in one platform

Your content is SCORM compliant in our system allowing you to share your content across system easily

Convert long text into interactive quizzes to enhance retention and engagement

Sharable and Updated Content Library

Organization will be able to upload content and view directly on the platform or download to watch offline

Iapps allows you to create your own library and upload contents to share among the employees of specific groups and branches

Keep your library up-to-date by editing the courses on the platform at the fraction of cost and time
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Report & Insights

Measuring the results of your training is as crucial as running one – be it a or an instructor-led or learner-led. Iapps real-time statistics help you gauge your employees’ progress, highlight the weak areas for an individual employee and take actionable insights to prepare your workforce for the future effectively.

All the data at your fingertips

Iapps holistic reporting structure allows you to get a clear snapshot of everything happening inside your training platform

Get real-time and comprehensible analytics about the number of users, active users, completion rate, games played, games won, time spent on learning platform etc.

For better tracking and understanding you can get customized reports with no hassle

Compare Results

The Iapps detailed reporting structure allows you to measure and track the level of engagement and knowledge retention among your employees

The branch and group features will allow you to compare results across different offices, departments and users.

The analytics will help you in gauging which segment is performing better or which group is leading.

Actionable Insights

Gather data to discover the knowledge gap and direct efforts towards weak performers and reward high achievers

Get more value for your money and efforts through targeted training supported by real-time analytics

The user-statistics & leaderboard provide immediate feedback to employees on their knowledge status and also highlight the areas where they need more training
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Surveys & Engagement

Level up your training platform by getting real-time feedback from your employees. The feedback will inform you about your users’ perspective and will highlight areas where you need to make improvements. Listening to your employees and making the necessary changes will increase employee engagement and effectiveness of training.

Pulse of Training Platform

Visualize the well-being of your employees in real-time via the following metrics: employee satisfaction, happiness, and engagement levels

Get real-time insights on the well being of your employees, find out which content is liked by the users and engagement levels of your employees

The real-time insights and feedback will allow organizations to make informed decisions and drive engagement

Actionable Insights

Measure and track the overall satisfaction of the employees and get actionable insights to improve employee productivity and well-being

The employees will help you in rating the courses, games and the entire learning experience which will help you in making the required changes to enhance ROI

Enhance Engagement

Increase your training completion rates by engaging employees through videos, images, games, and other forms of interactive content

Drive social learning by utilizing discussion groups and other social tools to encourage collaboration and peer-to-peer mentorship.

With our gamification features employees will be able to earn points, badges, rewards and up their level in the leaderboard
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Knowledge Hub

Be it online training or an Instructor-Led Training Session if you don’t have good content, chances are, you will not succeed in training people. Build, manage, and deliver your online content with ease across your training ecosystem from a single platform via Iapps. Take your learning experiences to the next level with highly interactive, engaging and up-to-date content


Build an on-demand library of content for your workforce to fuel engagement

With iapps knowledge hub, your employees will have access to the latest and the best on everything from Behavioral to Technical Skills

You can either use your existing learning material or can use our easy-to-use, drag & drop, authoring tools to create a course in no time! No technical knowledge required!

Remove the boundaries

Deliver consistent across all your regional and head offices, all of your content will be safe and easy to share

Assign courses to employees using branches and groups division

Your content is SCORM compliant in our system allowing you to share your content across system easily

No Hassle

Make learning experience smooth, engaging and coherent by creating a library with audio, slides and videos.

Updating your content has never been this easy. Update your content in a snap to provide up-to-date learning material

Iapps has a simple yet functional user interface which works for both learners and administrators making browsing through content library a smooth and engaging experience
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