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About us

Your Digital Engagement Tool

iapps is an AI-powered platform for digitized organizations looking for engaging and centralized learning software.It is designed to transform the learner’s journey by facilitating the modern learner and organization.

From creating customized courses, maintaining a centralized knowledge hub to engaging and evaluating employees via game-based learning iapps is the only tool you need to empower your employees and drive growth. A strong insights portal complements these constructive features which will help users to find and share knowledge from a massive data repository via smart search. The comprehensive reporting module allows management to track the campaigns, content quality and learner’s growth.


Exceptional Experience For Your Employees

We empower you to deliver an outstanding employee experience at scale.

Easy To Use Software For Your Team

Give your team the tools they need to stay engaged and motivated.

Manage Your Business With Better Insights

Get visibility of your business performance and control over your organisation.

Why You Should Use Iapps

Boosting Engagement & Knowledge

Higher Engagement

Make learning effective by generating 50% more engagement

Time Saver

Can be developed 3x faster in comparison to traditional learning.


50% less development cost as compared to traditional learning.

Better Retention

Learning in smaller chunks perfectly matches the brain’s working memory ability.

Real-time data & smart insights to drive

your organizations the right way


A powerful quiz engine with machine learning

iPlay will increase the engagement and knowledge among the employees. The organizations will be able to create games based on MCQs and allow the employee to play in single mode or compete with each other and climb up the leaderboard.

iPlay allows for efficient learning and retention of knowledge by incorporating the game element

Customer Stories

Many companies today are struggling to engage and educate their employees in a fun an cost efficient.

With the iApps platform we create a strong commitment that both inspires and educates the organization about our clients needs. To be able to see the commitment throughout the organization makes it easy for us to adjust and develop the teams continuously, all to create a consumer focused organization. At a fast rate and cost efficiently


Director of Consumer Experience & Insights at Electrolux EMEA

Join thousands of motivated users to create an engaged and profitable workplace