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Why iPlay

  • Deliver content in a proven format that keeps employees engaged and competitive.
  • Reinforce deep learning through microformats and gamification.
  • Make informed training decisions by following progress through world-class analytics

Why iPlay

Game-based Learning

With iPlay organization can create engaging quiz games to enhance the effectiveness of trainings.

Discover the world of gamification with iPlay!

Browse to see how iPlay works

Collect your

existing content

Convert it with iapps

drag-and-drop tool

Use the platform to turn your content into an engaging quiz game

Structure the game in to different themes and categories to follow the results closely!

The platform will notify the selected audience to start play!

They can choose to play in single or challenge mode. Everything will be on their terms.

Let Iapps platform transform the game into interesting data and statistics about your learners.

Learning index

Discover eventual knowledge gap and reward learners that are high achievers!

Engagement level

Learn how your organization interact with the content and understand the social learning impact!

Training time

See how much time your learners spends on the platform educate them self. Use the information to calculate the ROI on potential training savings!

Clients’ Favourite Feature

Our reporting structure and real-time stats allow you to take informed decisions, the knowledge
status metric allows you to measure knowledge gap and rectify it before it gets too late.

Get real time insights on how engaged your employees are and perform A/B testing to enhance engagement.

With iPlay you can track the number of hours that each of your employees is spending on the learning
platform allowing you better visibility and monitoring.

Foster a collaborative culture in your organization via iPlay. Challenging fellow colleagues in game to enhance social learning and employee engagement.

By leveraging leaderboards and point system iPlay allows you to tap into the competitive nature of humans.

Our branch and group features will allow you to perform inter and intra comparison and compare results across different departments, offices and groups.