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Hey there,

We are Iapps!

We’re educationists, experimenters, strategists,
and intuitive learners. We work with organizations
& modern learners to build a scalable and
engaging learning environment. Focus on your job
and leave learning to us.

It all starts with why

Amazing talent is hard to find, training & retaining talent is even harder! With the changing learning landscape and learners’ needs, organizations around the globe are struggling to effectively train the workforce. We are
here to bridge that gap.

We are problem-solvers who are passionate to revolutionize the learning industry. Challenging the status quo and innovating to come up with solutions that make a difference is in our DNA. Training and boredom go hand in hand, we wanted to change that! Our mission is to provide organizations with a learning platform that is not only effective
but also helps them in catering to the needs of their employees.

Values at our core

Always creative

Meet the masterminds!
Soccer players to Cyclists, readers to guitarists. We are a diverse but close-knit team united by our passion for revolutionizing learning and love for food!

Unleash the power of learning experience platform and experience the transformative learning now!